Taitung has a beautiful natural landscape, with high mountains, a rift valley, ocean, outlying islands and hot springs, and also has 176 kilometers of coastline. These natural charms have earned Taitung the nickname as the "garden of Taiwan." You can forget your troubles and fully experience all this beautiful land has to offer, enjoying the pleasure of slow living. Here's also has richly diverse with aboriginal culture worth to explore.


Taitung has been named a new surfing venue of the Asian Surfing Championship (ASC), and every year has International Surfing Competition. Autumn and winter is the best time for big waves. And all surf spots are near, you can have many choices. The waves here are Taitung will be your unforgettable paradise for a healthy and relaxing holiday escape in nature's embrace.  


Taitung's land is very big but without too many people, rich of high mountains and wide ocean. In winter, the wave is the biggest in Taiwan..

  • Best wave in Taiwan
  • Comfortable weather, not too hot nor too cold
  • Many surfers from all over the world live here
  • Ecological richness and scenic beauty with hight mountain and wide ocean
  • Undeveloped original nature
  • You can enjoy silence night and relax well
  • Biggest Fish harbor in Taiwan, you can join their daily life to eat and live like local
  • Small local village and fun aborigianl  tribe
  • more...
 Things to do
  • Traditional tribe
  • Mountain climbing
  • Creativity handmade studio
  • Sea view cafe
  • Starry night
  • Hotspring
  • Local fishing harbor
  • more...

What's Included?

  • Transportation from Taipei city to Taitung
  • Local surf guide everyday
  • Private car and driver
  • Travel and surfing insurance
  • Local tour
  • 5 days Accommodation B&B
    ( Premium room // +80$/person )
  • Meal included: 5 days breakfast & 6 days lunch & 5 days dinner
  • .... and more

Minimum days: 6 days

Minimum people: 1 person

From 1329 USD