Kenting is the wider area that includes small townships as well as the national park. The main town is called Hengchun, old town but full with young people. Kenting is the paradise of leisure and fun, as well as the home to tropical forests, meadows, and seaside cliffs. Because of the tropical climate, here has long been one of the most popular tourist destinations in Taiwan


Kenting lies at approximately the same latitude as Hawaii, local surfer here always loves "Jialeshui". Jialeshui is a premier surfing spot in south Taiwan that has gained in popularity from Taiwanese to Japanese to professional surfers. The wave is gentle and very easy to paddle out. And because the waves here are long and fun, it also has a name "Longboard heaven" called by local surfers.


Kenting is like Hawaii, a tropical heaven for people having holidays here. Many beautiful nature landscapes. And the waves are long and gentle.

  • The waves are smooth and long
  • Hot weather, always like summer
  • Fun nightlife and nightmarket
  • Full of seafood and local creative cuisine 
  • Many young people, the town is energetic 
  • Many water activities
  • We will live in Hengchun old town which is the nearest place to surf beach
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 Things to do
  • Traditional tribe
  • Mountain climbing
  • Creativity handmade studio
  • Sea view cafe
  • Starry night
  • Hotspring
  • Local fishing harbor
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What's Included?

  • Transportation from Taipei city to Kenting
  • Local surf guide everyday
  • Private car and driver
  • Travel and surfing insurance
  • Local tour
  • 5 days Accommodation B&B
    ( Premium room // +100$/person )
  • Meal included: 5 days breakfast & 6 days lunch & 5 days dinner
  • .... and more

Minimum days: 6 days

Minimum people: 1 person

From 1352 USD