Located in northern Taiwan, YiLan is the most convenient and nearest place of capital Taipei. YiLan has many different surfing spots, we focus especially on Honeymoon Bay. The northern and southern shores of the bay are rocky, while in between there is a beach covered with fine, dark-gray sand. You can enjoy the beautiful sceneries of Turtle island on the other side of the ocean. Nnearby honeymoon bay, also has a harbor that has local fish market you can visit. 

Enjoy your surf in Yilan

Surrounded by both the sea and mountains, if you feel energetic in water you can enjoy your surf without too many people. If you're a little bit tired, you can take a walk aside the seawall or hike. The mountains in Yilan are not too high, you can walk very easily, relax in the nature and watch amazing views. YiLan is for surfers of all levels, whether you want to learn to surf or enjoy your surf, here will be a nice place for you.


Yilan is a small town, near Taipei. Most of the local people's jobs are fishing. The wave is fast but not big, a little bit hard to paddle out.

  • You could love to enjoy a small town.
  • You love to have mountain climbing
  • You enjoy a easy and comfortable night
  • With a beautiful Turtle Mountain at the sea
 Things to do
  • Waterfall
  • Mountain climbing
  • Traditional temple visits
  • Lighthouse visit
  • River swimming pool
  • Hotspring
  • Local fishing harbor
  • more...

What's Included?


  • Transportation from Taipei city to Yilan
  • Local surf guide everyday
  • Private car and driver
  • Travel and surfing insurance
  • spots visit
  • 3 days Accommodation B&B
    ( Premium room // +80$/person )
  • Meal included: 3 days breakfast & 4 days lunch & 3 days dinner
  • .... and more

Minimum days: 4 days

Minimum people: 1 person


From 788 USD